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Give your home and kitchen a fresh new look with brand new custom cabinets. At Alhambra Custom Cabinets our extensive background in custom cabinet design, building, and the onsite installation set us apart as one of the leading providers in Alhambra. Alhambra Custom Cabinets has furnished custom cabinets to many residential and commercial properties in Alhambra, from the 91776 to 91899. Our work ranges from made-to-order cabinets for your kitchen, bookcases, media center, shelving and more. Our clients have dreams of a perfect home renovation, and our job is to turn that their dreams into a real, elegant living space.

Cabinets are prominently featured in your home, and it is an important part of any remodeling endeavor. Remodeling your home is a large investment, and it is an important step to choose the right kind of cabinet. Our cabinets are made to order right here in Alhambra, and we are committed to providing stunningly beautiful and space saving pieces of custom cabinetry. It does not matter if you need full overlay doors, raised panel door style, cherry wood cabinets, we can help you select the myriad of different of options to help you design then build the right cabinets for you. We pay attention to all the options to the all the minutiae, so your cabinet can be durable, beautiful, and personalized to you.

Call Alhambra Custom Cabinets now and receive an estimate on the custom cabinets for your home. Get started today with one of our custom cabinetry craftsman to begin your journey to a brand new living space.

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Alhambra Custom Cabinets

Revamp your home and kitchen with one of a kind handmade custom cabinets. Many different types of furniture like cabinets for your home, custom vanities, media centers, built in bookcases and much more. Tell one of our expert craftsmen exactly what you had in mind, and we can help you make your plans, and bring you vision to reality. The master carpenters at Alhambra Custom Cabinets want to help you bring your ideas into real life.
What Is Our Process?

A. Understanding Your Vision and Creating An Estimate

The first step is speaking to an experienced contractor at Alhambra Custom Cabinets about what you want from your custom cabinetry. A great place to begin, is to send over the measurements of your rooms, either through architectural blueprints or sketches. After we understand the scope of work we can provide you the first cost estimate. These first discussions will help us create the plans and create a definitive vision.

B. Finalizing the Design

After doing our initial due diligence and providing an estimate to you, we will begin the design and consultation phase. We communicate with you by phone and email, and will also need to visit the site to take final measurements. During this phase we can further develop a precise plan and approximate materials, layout, and deadline. We also give you a more accurate final cost.

C. Exact Drawings and First Payment

During this phase we will furnish a clear payment schedule and we will ensure to give you advanced notice for any upcoming payments. The payment process is designed phase-wise and inculcates the step design, fabrication, and installation.

Once you have accepted the final draft of the plans and pay the initial deposit, the building begins! We will give you the final drawings that have the measurements and required materials. We need to have a final approval before going to fabrication, as changes will result in a much longer delivery date. As soon as we receive your final approval the fabrication phase will initiate.

D. On-Site Installation and Cabinets Fabrication

Here is where the visions become reality. We will fabricate all the custom cabinetry and bespoke furniture here at our facilities. When your custom cabinets are completed, we bring them to your home and begin installation phase. The final invoice will be sent after the completion of the installation, and the whole process usually takes from 3 to 9 weeks. How long your specific project will take really depends on your specifications, the number of cabinets, the detailing, woods you select, and labor time.

Renovate Your Kitchen With Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If you are in your kitchen often, then organizing your space can help maintain a serene mind, in what can be a hectic time. We have years of experience helping our clients with their specific layouts for their properties and creating elegant and space saving cabinets that can enhance your kitchen.

We pride ourselves in combining design, vision, and functionality with the finest materials. This superior combination helps all our clients get a unique design along with premium wood finishes and functional aesthetics. We help you choose every element for customizing your kitchen cabinet blended with shape, size, finish, style, and hardware.

As the years go by kitchen cabinets have been continuing to advance. It makes sense to use ideas from the classic style to the modern fashions, to design a cabinet that’ll suit what you’re looking for, and last for years into the future.

Cabinet Door Styles

Selecting the proper cabinet door is important because it is the most visible part of your cabinet face. There are two major factors you should consider when choosing a cabinet door, the orientation of the cabinet door, and the style of the cabinet door. Along with the color and size of your cabinets, these should determine the personality of your custom cabinet.


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Cabinet Door Orientation

The partial overlay cabinet door sits on top of the frame, though the frame is still partially visible.

A full-overlay cabinet door will altogether cover the entire frontside of the cabinet, and thus provide more storage space. Because the frame of the cabinet is one hundred percent covered, this one continuous low-profile surface between the cabinets which is extremely popular today.

Inset doors have the cabinet door set into the frame, fully flush with the face of the frame when closed. At times you will see the hinges attached to the outside, and this requires precise work during the fabrication.

Which Style of Cabinet Door is Right For You?

Mullion frame doors have vertical and horizonal bars that breakdown the face of the cabinet into sections. The mullions hold up panes of glass similar to a window frame.

The recessed panel door creates the effect that the center panel is slightly indented into the cabinet, which creates a sleeker streamline look and feel. This style is used often in contemporary cabinets, and offers a lot of options when it comes to design.

Frameless glass front cabinets have a single glass pane, but no dividing mullions.

Cabinets with raised panel doors have a lifted central panel with a recessed border around it. This is a very popular style for cabinet doors and is used both in classic and todays cabinet designs.

The slab door is just one solid piece of lumber, slab of wood that is used with the full-overlay layout.
Handcrafted Bath Cabinets and Custom Vanities

If you’re looking for a way to revitalize your bathroom with a more luxurious aesthetic, than getting custom bathroom cabinets and vanities is a great place to start. When beginning the planning phase, it is good idea make a checklist of all your needs. Do you need an area to store all your towels? Do you need a special area just for putting on makeup on your bathroom vanity? Do you have a smaller bathroom, and really need to find more storage space? The next step would be to speak to one of our experienced carpenters at Alhambra Custom Cabinets to merge your ideas and needs into the custom cabinet plans.

You can use a custom-made vanity to fully use your space, renovate your bathroom, and find a place for all your stuff! Custom bath vanities and cabinets give your bathroom a fresh start, and at the same time helping you organize your entire bathroom. A safe haven where you can just relax and pull up a nice bath at the end of stressful day.

Custom Cabinets Glendale, CA

If you are searching for custom cabinet services in Glendale California, then connect with our partners Shepard Custom Cabinets. They offer premier cabinetry services, and specialize as custom cabinet makers. Whether you’re looking for new cabinets, a custom entertainment unit, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodeling, office cabinetry, kitchen cabinets you can get it custom made. Just like us, they furnish the top of the line quality custom cabinet service, and will always do a great job on any remodeling project. With years in business, they’re ready to work closely with you to help build your dream home. Whether your located in Pasadena, Burbank, El Monte, or in or near the San Gabriel Valley, give them a call today.

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