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If you want to increase the storage space available in your home, you should consider installing customized bookcases or build in bookcases. These are usually built above pre-existing cupboards and makes maximum utilization of the space available. These bookcases can also help improve your home’s overall look and feel, making it look sophisticated modern and contemporary.

At Alhambra Custom Cabinets, we understand your requirements and your wish to increase the storage space available at your home. We also know that you want to use the best materials available in the market to ensure that the bookcases that you install last a lifetime. Hence, at Alhambra Custom Cabinets, you will only find the best quality wood and unique designs. Our team of designers will prioritize your requirements and design the perfect bookcase that meets all your expectations.

Types of wood used to make custom bookcases and built-in bookcases

The best quality wood should be used to create bespoke bookcases so that these last long. Moreover, built-in bookcases made with the best quality wood are resistant to damage. Some of the woods that we use to create bespoke bookcases are as follows:

White oak built-in bookcases

White oak can be your go-to material to make bespoke bookcases, especially if you look for light golden colours and straight patterns. It is one of the most robust wood and can be easily distinguished by its unique granularity. If you install a white oak bookcase in your home, you can be assured that it will last a lifetime and all you would need to do is care for it a little.

Red Oak Custom Bookshelves

Red oak has a granularity similar to that of white oak. The only difference is that red oak has a slightly reddish hue. So, if you are looking to add a tinge of colour to the room where you want to install the bookcase, you can opt for red oak as the material of choice. Red oak, too, is resistant to damage.

Hickory Built-in Bookshelves

With built-in hickory bookcases, you can change the décor of your home. You can give it a completely new look and appeal. Hickory comes in several shades ranging from light to medium brown. With hickory bookshelves, you can be assured that they will last for a long time as the wood is resistant to scratches and dents.

Hard Maple Custom Bookcases

With hard maple as the wood of choice, you can opt for a wide range of colours, from light cream to reddish shades. You will also get a different granularity as hard maple usually has swirly or wave-like patterns. In addition, it is one of the most long-lasting wood and can be stained quite easily. But many homeowners prefer to keep the original colour and granularity of the wood intact to give their home a more natural feel.
When choosing a particular type of wood to make the customized bookshelf, you should prioritize longevity and appearance. In addition, choosing a wood the colour and granularity of which melds with the décor of your home are necessary. This will ensure that your home looks all the more beautiful, and you can also add extra storage space.

How can customized bookshelves improve the valuation of your home?

A customized bookshelf can add space and increase the storage area available in your house. This can help in improving the valuation of your home. Along with that, if you install a built-in bookcase that looks both attractive and adds to the décor of your home, it can make your house look sophisticated, modern and chic. All of these can help increase the value of your home significantly. Finally, it would be best if you also looked at the craftsmanship while choosing a bookcase. A well-designed bookcase can completely transform the appearance of a room. Thus, by investing in a customized bookshelf, you can increase the valuation of your home.

Choosing the best-customized bookshelf

When you select a customized bookshelf or bespoke custom cabinet, you must ensure that it is designed as per your vision and completely melds with the décor of your home. At Alhambra Custom Cabinets, we understand that customized bookshelves are about functionality and beauty. In addition, our experts will also ensure that the bookshelf is built to last a lifetime. Contact us if you want more information about customized bookshelves and built-in bookcases in Alhambra, California. Our experts are here to help you find the best-customized bookshelves or built-in bookcases that meet all your expectations and designed exactly for your home.

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